How GAMSAT questions are made

What Texts Are GAMSAT Tests Based On?

We looked into the poetry and diagram type of texts that you might expect to see in GAMSAT in a previous article. Well there’s obviously a lot more that the examiners can draw on. Here are some more common section 1 sources.

image1Sayings and Quotes

Don’t just expect contemporary quotes from famous people, these quotes are once again probably going to err on the rather confusing side. Nobody said it was going to be easy did they? Just remember that the examiners need to test your reasoning, you could argue that stimulus like poetry and diagrams by presenting information in unique ways already pushes your reasoning limits. However with quotes being a conventional way of communicating it won’t so much be the information presented as the very obtuse questions that the examiners present that will test you. It must always be borne in mind that these are the direct reported words of real people. So a whole lot of extra information can be contained in them. Aside from the actual words used you might need to start looking into the emotions behind them and what the quote is actually trying to express. There might be layers of meaning, if you’re lucky you’ll be familiar with the person whose words are used, that’s a great advantage for you as you’ll be able to place the quote in context.

Fictional texts

Don’t expect a Craig Silvey novel , you’re more likely to come across Charles Dickens and other more classic authors. Remember that the stimulus has got to have some sort of social relevance (theoretically), when you start to plan your preparation, you’ll naturally want to have some recreation time thrown in ( you’re not a medical text digesting machine,you know!) But what we do suggest, rather than some Christmas best seller as your leisure read, perhaps go for something a little more “heavy”. Exposing yourself to good writing that has lofty material will give you the exposure you need to avoid those test day shocks.

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May 29, 2017

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