How GEMSAS Uses Your GAMSAT Score

After you’ve sat the GAMSAT you’ll be able to register with GEMSAS to hopefully secure an interview and an eventual place in a graduate medical program. In this article we’ll look into facts on how your scores are used by GEMSAS.

Understanding GEMSAS

What do the Universities of Notre Dame, Melbourne and Griffith University have in common? Along with other top Australian universities they form what is known as the GAMSAT Consortium. These are the unis that have graduate entry programs that use the GAMSAT result as one of the main methods of entry.

Just as the institutions banded together to enlist ACER in creating a fair, but a rigorous test to evaluate potential medical students they’ve also gone a step further in the interview process. The consortium has actually contracted a company known as GEMSAS (Graduate Entry Medical Schools Admission System) to arrange for potential medical students to have interviews and place offers.

Basically once you’ve sat the GAMSAT your results along with other criteria like your Grade Point Average, will be out onto the system for processing. This will be done via a simple online registration in which you can list up to 6 of your top preferences. GEMSAS will use the individual universities criteria to find you the best placement that fits your requirements, based on the results that you have.

When will You Receive Your Offer?

Even though the company has responsibility for sending out the interview and offer placements on a specific day, these are unfortunately sent through the individual universities who have their own methods of contacting you if you are successful. You actually don’t want to hear from GEMSAS as they now have the unenviable task of contacting you if you are unsuccessful in gaining a placement or interview!

Your involvement with GEMSAS might be far in the future if you’re yet to sit the GAMSAT, but we hope that your festive season is not just filled with great parties as any study you do now will surely put you on a good footing and help you to be a success story of GAMSAT and GEMSAS.

Where and When

Your GAMSAT scores will be valid for two years. That means that if you’ve sat your test in 2013 you will be able to use the results until 2015 for graduate entry course. Assuming you’ve made the application on time. Your test certificate will give you a graded score for each of the three sections and an overall score. Despite all being part of the GAMSAT Consortium many of the universities will have not only their own cut off scores, but also different weightings for each of the sections. For example, Melbourne medical school obviously values hard science quite highly with Section 3 scores being currently double weighted.

With all of these complicated variables you personally don’t need to worry so much as simply submitting your application to GEMSAS will set things in motion. But it’s useful for you to know all of this as when you do put down your preferred placements you need to approach the choice with as much realism as possible .

Check Your GAMSAT Score

All you personally really need to worry about is having a good GPA and working hard to achieve the best possible GAMSAT score. However bear in mind that when you put down your preferred placings that your results will determine your acceptance or not. Find out the validity of your scores and since the scores are weighted you can even see how your results compare to the previous years applicants.

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