How to improve your GAMSAT Essay Personal Responses

Ways to improve your GAMSAT Essay Personal Responses

If you’re approaching the GAMSAT essay questions with years of art and humanity studies under your belt you might have a slight advantage over other candidates. But even if you’re an experienced essay writer do you know what the GAMSAT essays are actually evaluating you on?

Examples of Section B Quotes

“Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand

Mark Twain

You grow up the day you have your first real laugh-at yourself

Ethel Barrymore

These are actual quotes taken from GAMSAT practice exams, what you’ve got to ask yourself is: How will I respond to this?

The examination points out in the instructions that you will be judged on the effectiveness of your response and how well you express yourself. It specifically says that you will not be judged on your personal views and attitudes. In other words you will have free rein to write what you want as long as it is written in a way that you get your point across effectively.

A checklist to make sure that your essay is on the right track:

  • Put forward a well constructed and two sided argument,
  • Take care with your grammar and spelling.
  • Have you communicated your viewpoint
  • If possible quotes can add credence to your work
  • Don’t ramble and be coherant with your essay

If your’e coming from a social science background, you might find the essay writing easier whereas those from science backgrounds might find section 1 and 2 hard, and the science straightforward.

Just remember it’s not your viewpoint that is being evaluated, no matter how crazy it is! In later articles we’ll look into how to use the quotes that you are given to stimulate your creativity.

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May 29, 2017

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