In previous articles we’ve briefly looked at some of the basics you’ll need to pass section 3 in GAMSAT. If you’re still a little bit worried and don’t know your moles from your atomic theory you’ll be wanting a good place to start getting the basic knowledge together. We’ve gathered a lot of resources together that will help you in preparing specifically of the heavily science orientated section 3, particularly if you’re from a non scientific background.

Useful documents  for GAMSAT section 3 prep

  A good way to start is by getting  copies of first year chemistry and    biology texts and A-Level/Leaving Certificate/Year 12 school physics texts. If you’re fortunate to have a friend or family member at that stage of their education then you could be in luck. Another way to get hold of this type of prep is the highly recommended study aid series: Ocer revision guides. Widely available these guides will cover the basics of physics and chemistry up to A level and are easily obtainable at most bookstores, like Wh Smiths or Waterstones in the UK. Another way that you can start your revision off is to simply phone the science or biology department at a local school, or even your own previous school, and ask the teachers themselves if they have any old papers. When they hear that you’re a prospective medical student they should be more than happy to try to help you out.


Online resources for section 3 prep

There are of course many forums on the Internet devoted to fellow GAMSAT students wanting to collaborate and help each other out. But if you want to specifically hone in on improving your science knowledge you might want to think a little outside of the box and go on to forums that you might no have considered before. What about “The Student Room”, you won’t necessarily find GAMSAT students there but will find other students who’ll be able to help you with disciplines like physics and biology.

Just like the past exam papers we mentioned earlier on you should be able to find a .ot of “hard science” papers on sites like

Other ways to prepare for section 3

Your prep for section 3 is going to cover a lot of broad topics that need a lot of explanation. Alongside the GAMSAT study group that you should think of joining why not also find a group that will help you with the specific science knowledge you’ll need for section 3. If you really struggle with science you might even consider finding a specialised tutor.


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