How to Optimise Reading Time during GAMSAT Part two

How to use the reading time to increase your GAMSAT MCQ’S Score

When planning your adopted method that you’re going to approach the GAMSAT test with, you need to remember that you’re fortunate enough to have reading time before you can actually put pen to paper. Using this effectively can really give you an advantage over other candidates. You’re going to be allotted ten minutes to read for section 1 and section 3. The first thing you need to do is to not think of this as reading time but as guided reading, thinking and planning time.

Firstly make sure that you’ve read our previous articles on different reading methods for the test. In your allocated reading time using techniques like scanning and skimming will definitely give you a boost even before the test starts properly.

You’ve also got to think of this time as guided reading. If you know you’re reading for a purpose then when perusing what is to come; instead of having ten minutes to read perhaps half of the questions and be awe struck by the task before you, you can actually use the time a lot more wisely.

Firstly scan and then start to use the allotted time to plan which questions to take on first or to flag problem areas up in your mind.

The questions don’t need to be approached one by one. Remember you’re not allowed to write yet, so your short term memory needs to be on the ball when planning in this way! It’s actually easier and also a psychological boost to do the easier questions first. Planning the order of questions is one of the tasks that can be completed in your reading time.

Remember skim, plan and think – that’s what the smart student would do.

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