How to solve flowchart based questions in GAMSAT Biology – Solved & Explained

GAMSAT section III has a good number of vignette based on visual stimulus. In a visual stimulus based vignette data is represented in the form of flowcharts, biological pathway, sequence of reactions in organic chemistry, physiology based diagrams, schematic diagrams of electric circuits and tables of experimental data.

It is possible to solve visual based stimulus quickly by applying certain smart tools such as approximation during numerical calculation, time management, looking out for details, choosing the best option and intelligent guessing. It is critical to develop your comprehension ability in order to analyze visual stimulus based vignette. Extensive practice of GAMSAT style questions will help you to sharpen your comprehension and analytical skills before the GAMSAT.

Choose the most important alternative

  • Flowcharts build a step by step picture of a process
  • Flowcharts generally branch into a number of options, study them carefully
  • Flowcharts are common in biology especially cell-signaling
  • Flowcharts generally describe a regulatory mechanism. It could be an enzyme regulated process or a negatively regulated process due to product inhibition
  • After reading the question stem carefully try to identify the most relevant pathway as represented in the flowchart

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