How to structure your GAMSAT Essays

In a previous article we looked at how to bring in current affairs, quotes and statistics into our GAMSAT argumentative essays. In this article we’re going to focus on how to improve your essay structure to get a higher grade.


What you’re being tested on

The written part of the exam is the examiner’s way of finding out if you’re a critical thinker with a good grasp of world affairs. You’re being assessed not on what your opinions are, but if you’re able to express those opinions and back them up with a sound argument. That’s why, just like a political debate you’d see on TV, there needs to be a clear and logical structure of your argument. If you go off on a tangent you stand the risk of not only not being able to express yourself properly but even losing track of your train of thought yourself!




Structured paragraphs

We won’t insult your intelligence by explaining how to write introductions and conclusions (just be sure to include them and have them straight to the point of course!) We will explain a little bit about how you should structure each paragraph though. Remember you’re expressing and opinion and backing it up so a good way to structure your paragraphs so as not to ramble off on a tangent is to:

  • Have an introductory sentence
  • Present your evidence to the point that you’re making in that paragraph ( remember this is a good time to bring in some of those facts and stats you’ve memorised)
  • Conclude your opinion in this paragraph
  • Have a lead on a statement that will flow nicely into the next paragraph.

As the essay is one of the only ways that you can show your personality and drive to the examiners( something impossible to do with the MCQ’S) you really need to give yourself the best chance of maiming a great impression. If you’ve got better or different ways to structure your essays that’s fine, but just remember to make sure you get your point across in a clear and professional manner.

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