How to Tailor Your GAMSAT Section 1 Preparations

For somebody who is only used to reading text books and factual writing like science reviews and other material the “Humanities and Social Studies” section in the GAMSAT test can be very baffling when you first come across it. Unfortunately many types of study course limit your exposure to other topics that might not be in their remit,
we hope that you’ll see how to remedy those deficits in your forthcoming preparation. We’re going to look at some techniques that you can use to make the most of these very often obscure texts that you can expect to come across in Section 1.

Fasten your seatbelts!

Let’s face it, if you come across a foreign language for the very first time, especially under test conditions, you’re unlikely to make any sense of it. In a way if its been since your school days that you’ve read the type of texts that Section 1 has to offer, then you’re in for a nasty surprise. Filled with inferred meaning, opinions, literary devices, poetic ideas and more, for somebody not used to them these texts can be a big shock. If you know that you fall within the category of somebody who prefers the literal to the figurative, the real to the imagined, fact as opposed to opinion- then your study program needs to be tailored to helping you to make meaning out of Section 1.

Firstly, a good reading list is absolutely crucial, you’ll find quite a few articles both on our site and on the Internet as a whole that direct you to some great GAMSAT preparation texts. The first part of your preparation should involve finding and reading widely texts that you are likely to come across in the test. These can include poetry, newspaper articles, political cartoons, speeches and more. If this type of writing makes you uncomfortable, then get comfortable with it by exposing yourself to it.

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