How to Use Current Affairs in GAMSAT

Keeping up with the World

Taxes should rise to improve university teacher quality, the head of Universities Australia says.

So what’s that got to do with the GAMSAT? Keeping up with world affairs is really important to help you write great section 2 essays. There are other reasons to look into current affairs as well.

Take the bush fires for example. As a GAMSAT student you can benefit a lot from the information that the media is putting out about this ‘hot’ topic. Think critically about what you read and notice how this story brings in a lot of current issues. As temperatures soar even the weather charts are being changed to reflect new levels of hotness and naturally the media is starting to talk about the impact of global warming. By following stories like these you can improve your test results in a number of ways:

Topical Issues can be Used in Your Essay

Being able to use current affairs in GAMSAT essays is a huge perk of being well-versed in the news. Researching the ‘larger issues’ will start to bring in other means of info like charts and diagrams (like the temperature charts we mentioned before), knowledge of how to read and interpret charts and diagrams is essential for some Section 1 and 3 questions.

Newsworthy topics will have a huge wealth of quotes to use in your essays.

If you look to the future, one where you’ve hopefully done well in the GAMSAT, you’ll need this contemporary knowledge to do well at your med school interview. And you can also start to ask yourself as a future medical practitioner what topics like taxes will affect future Australian health issues. So the main message is keep up with current issues as it really will make a big difference to your test results.

How to Incorporate Current Affairs in GAMSAT Essays

  • The GAMSAT essay topics consist of several quotes comprising a theme, which means that you can use them in any way. Since many of the themes deal with social/political issues, knowing what’s happening around you gives you a veritable treasury of examples to draw from.
  • Current affairs in GAMSAT essays can also serve as great introductions. Starting off the essay with the mention of something that has happened recently sets the tone of the essay very nicely.
  • You ca also wrap up the essay with a something that has come into limelight recently. This serves as a great way of closing the essay, since it summarises your arguments, and leaves scope for more thought.

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