How was the exam?

So, how was the exam?

Was it difficult this time as well? Much difficult than September? Did you find anything new on the question paper?

Write down your experience in the comment section below.

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21 responses on "How was the exam?"

  1. Yeah! It felt a bit difficult for me as I was very nerous with the section 3. Altough sec 1 was way much better this time.

  2. it’s my first time with less study but i think i did well

  3. gone blind after i saw the questions

  4. I have to sit again

  5. I felt that studying science books wont help you, the best option is the acer booklet. Hoever it seemed, they are useless too.

  6. I am done with the GAMSAT, as well as the UKCAT. I am dead inside

  7. I took the gamsat twice. one in march 2016 and one in 2017. I ended up scoring 67 in march 2017 despite under serious illness. However, this time i felt quite a bit lost. But tried by best.

  8. As i am from science background obviously sec i was difficult for me, section 3 was good but theres no chance you can predict the questions, not even acer booklets can help you. the best way is just solve a ton of questions and you will see the difference for yourself.

  9. I feel as if the ACER booklets were no help at all, even the “new” pink book they released was no where near what the actual exam was like. I felt as if this years exam was completely different to the past 2 years March exams (No pH or titration or physical chem like thermodynamics minimal physics questions. It felt like 90% of the exam was graphical interpretation and the other organic chem related questions were absurdly hard. In short, the science section was horrible.

  10. This year I felt I did the best I have done in previous sittings. Yes, I have sat this damn exam a few times. The essay question was really broad though and felt it was a bit harder to write (A change and B ambition). Section 1 was good overall. i chatted to some people and it appears that we were given different exams depending on where we sat because some of us had different cartoons! everyone had the cartoons about the two people going on a date and the lady not inviting the fella back to her place. and a bird one right on the back of that one. the other group got a series of cartoons. this doesn’t seem fair at all that we got different papers.
    Section 3 was different to most years – not as many chemistry type questions. more graphs and stimulus-heavy questions. the organic question with the reaction was really difficult – just skipped it. all in all though, i tried my best and felt it was the best sitting i’ve done to date.

  11. This exam was similar to March 2016 – completely unlike any typical Acer booklet. none of the standard topics that you would find or that any commercial gamsat course tries to prepare you for. There were nil questions on NMR, thermodynamics, acids/bases, kinetics, chemical equilibrium – not even genetics!!!! luckily i had practised a lot of questions these past few months to get a feel for Gamsat style questions and under exam condition – i reckon it helps a lot. this one however was probably a little harder than the ones i’ve sat. i remember one set that was taken from March 2016 – definitely have seen this one before – the perfume question (polarity and volatility) of top, middle and base notes. also one of the cartoons was repeated this year too “I’d love to ask you in, Howard, but I need some time to digest everything you told me about the Ottoman Empire.” Definitely seen it before.

  12. tf was with the matrix chemistry question? one insanely difficult stimulus for like 8 questions :/


    always September I guess

  13. Omg! The time pressure is just hard to comprehend. First time sitting the GAMSAT, I have no hope whatsoever.

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