Infographic: Do’s and Don’ts of a GAMSAT Interview

Scan this QR code to open in phoneTo give you a brief look of what you will be facing on the interview day, you will have 3 people interviewing you. Generally, of the three interviewers, one is an academic, one is a medical clinician and the third one is a lay member. The interview panel constitutes of mixed genders and a suitable mix of age groups.

Beware since all the interviewers are trained professionals. If you think you can pass them by faking, you

are WRONG. A normal round of interview goes on for 40 minutes which is followed by a discussion round of about 20 minutes. The grade range is Grade A, which means certain to be accepted, to Grade E, which means certain not to be accepted.

Now that you have a fair idea of what you are up against, we have made a infographic explaining the tips and suggestions that will help you to face the GAMSAT interview panel.




Good Luck!


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