Med School Interview FAQs

The GAMSAT actually does a fairly good job of finding out whether or not you’re suited to med school. Section 2 especially plays on your empathy and communication skills. Theoretically if you’ve done well at the GAMSAT then you have these skills, but now you need to apply them in the interview.

Listen and respond appropriately

Whatever questions your interviewer presents to you, you need to answer them in an authentic and convincing manner. Tailor your language correctly and let them see that you are not only being serious about becoming a student but also that you will in the fullness of time become a good doctor. A good doctor listens and responds appropriately to their patients, demonstrate these same great communication skills in your interview to be successful.

Who are you and what do you well?

Even at this stage you need to be thinking about your personal statement. Your statement about who you are, why you’d make a fantastic doctor and reasons for the Uni to have you enrolled,in their prestigious program. Remember that you’re competing against some very talented people for limited places, so you need to really put yourself forward. By honestly and carefully evaluating your strengths and weaknesses and tailoring your personal statement into a mature evaluation to present to the interviewer you’ll stand a good chance of being seen as a serious medical student.

Your place in the medical profession

Remember in your GAMSAT preparation when you were encouraged to learn about events in the world and contemporary issues surrounding the medical profession? In your interview it will be time to draw on this knowledge to present balanced and thought out opinions about whatever questions the interviewer poses. It’s not only going to be hot topics about medicine and the world, but any deeper issues that will be of relevance to the doctors of today and tomorrow.

Firstly though, make sure that you do well at the GAMSAT test so that you can apply these skills in a brilliant med school interview.

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