GAMSAT Myths Busted

Medical school misconceptions

One of the first things you must realise when you are taking the GAMSAT is that it is designed to eliminate you. Do not be shocked for this is the plain truth that the GAMSAT is meant to root you out if you do not possess the ability for logical thinking and strong reasoning skills that are essential in a medical consultant. If the GAMSAT was too easy then medical schools simply couldn’t rely on it to find the best students for their courses. And our hospitals would be filled with second rate doctors who just aren’t good enough!

Successful candidates in GAMSAT can boast of an ability to perform both quantitative as well as qualitative tasks in good time under the pressure of the test and the time constraints. This means that they can clear GAMSAT with very little preparation. You think this is impossible? Let’s bust the first myth then. For candidates who do not possess the lightning fast ability to solve questions and think logically the only way to ace the GAMSAT is to study very hard. This means buying multiple textbooks and studying from them for months so that you are able to prepare very well. But what happens with these text books is that they train you to know the topic and remember important facts and concepts and then recall them on the day of the test. However, GAMSAT does not test your ability to recall any information. So, if you are spending too much time reading textbooks you are probably wasting time and falling behind those who know how to really prepare for GAMSAT the smart way.

Armed with textbooks and resource materials ranging from biology to literature you are likely to think that you have all the preparation material you need. But the truth is, textbooks have a very small contribution to GAMSAT preparation. In GAMSAT questions, the passages give you all the information you require to answer the questions. With an ability to analyse and understand you will be able to arrive at this information that will help you tackle all the questions within the time limit. It’s a myth that lots of extra information is needed to pass: Myth One-Busted!

The second myth about GAMSAT is that you cannot score easily in the test. Once you understand the test very well it is an easy task for you to score all the marks. While the clichéd adage “expect the unexpected” is very true in GAMSAT, it is also easy to understand the frequencies and patterns that recur in the test and how preparation can prepare you to see these. These may include:

  • 4 types of GAMSAT questions that you must identify easily and save on reading time
  • There might be unexpected questions and twists in the 3 science topics
  • The hidden concepts of physics that come disguised as biology questions
  • The style of question that is certain to be seen in organic chemistry
  • The 2 essay types that you must be familiar with for Section II
  • The 2 types of MCQ-type stems that will come in Section I and that you must know how to answer step-by-step.

The best way to understand these frequencies and patterns is to try and do as many sample papers as possible. It is also a good idea to join forums on the internet where you will be able to interact with students who have cleared the GAMSAT and may give you helpful tips on it. Hard to score and impossible to predict? Not so! Myth Two: Busted!

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May 29, 2017

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