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GAMSAT for the time poor

What point are you in your life? A permanent mother? A shift worker? Perhaps even a full time student. Either way you’re here for two reasons, one is that you want to become part of the medical profession via the GAMSAT and the other is that you’re worried that your other commitments will stop you from achieving this. Now if we were just to listen to the official line from ACER it seems that the test could be passed with no prior learning. Now of course we know that’s not the case, especially if the physics, chemistry and biology questions in Section 3 are of an unfamiliar nature. What your concern really boils down to is that you’re worried that you won’t be able to fit enough revision time in to pass the test.

Bespoke Revision

Now it’s impossible for us to know everybody’s circumstances. With the thousands of scenarios and lifestyle choices that you might be following it would be impossible for us to set up a general revision course for everyone.

The only person who can do that is you yourself. As you’re essentially going to be carrying on your normal life and also adding on the extra burden of GAMSAT preparation, it is going to take a lot of planning. This planning has the purposes of getting together all the materials that you can possibly find to help you and also budgeting your time.

Both of these have to exist together as your prep materials, if the right courses/practice papers are chosen, can help you to shorten the length of time that you need for study. You might even consider study grounds, extra classes and tutors to help you with certain aspects of your preparation. Again this can determine your study schedule.

A study diary

Knowing that you need to budget and ration your time we suggest that before any preparation is done that you keep a diary for a week. This diary needs to be an accurate record of absolutely everything you do in a week, from work to leisure time. By dong this you will know where you can cut corners, shave off time and squeeze in GAMSAT prep.


Now that you know where you can gain time to study you need to decide if you need to focus your studies. If you’re actually more time rich than you thought this focused study might not be important. But if you are incredibly busy, with just enough time to squeeze in GAMSAT prep, then you might want to focus your studies on areas that you are particularly weak at.

Whichever lifestyle you are leading if you truly want a career in medicine by following our advice and keeping at it, you should succeed.

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