Studying Pharmacy using your GAMSAT Score

Studying Pharmacy using your GAMSAT Score

If knowing about medicine, helping patients through finding the right prescriptions and many other facets about medicine advice, prescription and dispensing is your field of interest, you might consider using your GAMSAT test scores to study for a Master of Pharmacy Degree at The Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Sydney

Why students choose to study Pharmacy here

The University of Sydney has a fantastic reputation for an excellent learning environment and has been known to attract some of the finest student minds in Australia. Pharmacy of one form or another has been taught here for over a hundred years. There are also very limited places on the course .On one hand this will mean that a good score will need to be obtained for entry but on the other hand it also means a very high ratio of staff to students and smaller class sizes.

What is the MASTER OF PHARMACY degree

If you already have a degree you’ll be entitled to apply to the master’s program. This is a two year course. Following successful completion you can expect to make your way via a short training period into an intern program which will allow you to register as a fully fledged pharmacist with the Pharmacy Board of Australia. Finally you’ll be able to work in a range of jobs including industrial pharmacist and hospital pharmacist. Not only is it an interesting field of medicine to be in, but job prospects are very good in Australia.

The GAMSAT Route

Naturally as in many other medical course the GAMSAT test is a recognised method of entry. For this post-grad degree a good Grade Point Average or an acceptable GAMSAT score is needed. As the course has limited spaces you will need to have a fairly high score to maximise your chance of success.

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