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Thank you so much. I have found you immensely helpful. And as your can see your feedback has enabled my essays to improve! Hopefully on the day this will reflect.

~ Elena Christi Harty

The Mega Essay Series is a fantastic way to prepare for Section II of Gamsat. The markers are excellent and provide really helpful feedback throughout the process. If you have any queries they answer promptly and are very supportive. I would highly recommend this series.

~ ST

Thank you so much. They have really helped me a lot. Hopefully things will go smoothly tomorrow.

~ Murtaza Maqsudi

Just thought I’d let you know that I received a mark of 77! I’m absolutely stoked with the result! Your essay marking service definitely helped me to achieve a 72 in Section II, and a huge thank you to Naiwrita, her mentored both my writing and my wellbeing throughout.

~ Brandon Davis

hi Simon, This year I have done well for the GAMSAT. For this year my GAMSAT scores are: Section I = 58, Section II = 72, Section III = 64. Overall Score = 65. Compared to last year, I had: Section I = 59, Section II = 71, Section III = 52. Overall Score = 58. I hoped that this improvement is enough to be offer an interview. As for PrepGenie, it was of great use as it allowed me to be realistic for the GAMSAT and has prepared me for what to expect for the test. I can’t thank you enough for your help. I am very grateful for it and I hope you continue to make students dreams come true. Yours sincerely, Patrick.

~ Patrick Nguyen

Hi Simon, As far as the content, I liked the practice tests that you had and found them to be very useful for my study both section 1 and section 3. The study material I did not find informative but used it more of a guide to find what to study and used various sources. I also found that the section 3 exams were harder than the ACER material, which is probably not be a bad thing for practicing purposes. Section 1 I found to be quite close in difficulty level to the ACER material. Overall, if I do not get into medicine with my score, I would probably purchase the package again to get the practice exams as I found it very useful for GAMSAT study. regards, Kyle

~ Kyle Selga

Prepgenie really helped me with success in GAMSAT. I think the alpha exam series is the best value product available for preparing for this exam.

~ Edward Waters

Hi Simon, i’m good and i got into med school after my GAMSAT, so I was happy with the course overall. Kind regards, Vanessa

~ Vanessa Awong

Thank you for the course- it is helpful. I will be taking the GAMSAT next year, and till then have been doing things in small amounts.

~ Felicia Shaddick

The videos are great and really helpful. It’s easy to access but it would be great if there was like a sub-link to the question where is is those questions mixed up multiple choice so that I would not be tempted to view the solutions. But other than that its really good.

~ Anna Nguyen

Regarding the papers I bought, I found that the course of the questions were largely similar for section A and C. However for section B, I personally found that the themes in the actual GAMSAT were much easier to locate. The comments given in the question did not quote a speaker or writer, and it let me better integrate the comments in my essay. Overall I felt that the course closely modelled the GAMSAT papers. I hope this feedback helps somewhat. I apologise for not divulging too much about the test questions, for legal reasons. All the best to your team and I look forward to see more accurate papers from you.

~ Phoebe Hoo

The quizzes and sample exams were great though especially the printed ones mailed to home, their level was higher than the acer ones but that’s a good thing because it meant we were able to complete the acer practice ones and go on to complete harder examples, also the explanations in the answers are great and spot on! They’re very detailed unlike other papers prepared by other programs so keep that because it made things immensely helpful knowing you could complete the papers and fully understand the qns after. I also loved that we got swift responses to our emails and concerns, it felt good to know you had that support 24/7 when you needed it 🙂

~ Allae Saade

I purchased the GAMSAT test preview last year and it helped me prepare for my first sitting. Although it was helpful, I lacked a science background which was evident in my 2015 GAMSAT results. I did sit the GAMSAT again this year but didn’t quite prepare as much as I would have liked as I’m now studying and working full time. I don’t expect to see good results this time around but I will strongly consider sitting September/March again. I’m sure we will be in contact if I decide to sit again. I enjoyed the content of the test preparation, I believe it would be even more helpful now that I have experienced the test day properly. I will need to step it up a notch if I want to see good results next time but the test prep was a good introduction for my first sitting.

~ Katrina

The course was very comprehensive. What I found most useful were all the practice tests. It gave me more confidence on the real day. I ended up printing out the tests (even the computer one) and doing them as paper tests. I also appreciated the essay checking services – extremely detailed feedback and fair marking.

~ Aditi Aiyer

I found the trial GAMSAT exam very helpful. I think it did give me a really good idea of the types of questions to expect on the GAMSAT. What I liked was the fact that it was timed. I think that really forced me to sit down and just have a go no matter what. The explanations were also very helpful in helping me understand where I went wrong.

~ Vanessa

The science tests you provided were excellent and really helped me get the 75. I also purchased the essay help, but it was fairly last minute, so i didn’t get as much use from them. but I managed to get valuable hints and advice from the essays i did submit and have marked. I should be able to get an interview. Now I just need to make sure I can impress.

~ Danielle Taylor

Excellent questions! Quite tough but I guess that helped.

~ Stephen

Got endless practice with the bucketload of questions. The LMS went slow a couple of times, so that was slightly disconcerting. But the people helped me out on that one too, so no complaints!

~ Avril

Couple of explanations was not elaborate enough. I emailed the people and they got back promptly. Was worried at first but thankfully the problems were sorted out.

~ Matthew

I have recently purchased the PrepGenie preview series and found the material very effective. I was hoping you might be able to assist me with the purchase of the prep genie gamsat comprehensive series.

~ Kathryn Boysen

Wasn’t expecting much when I bought the course, but turns out I got a lot more than I bargained for. Excellent questions, very detailed essay evaluations and round the clock help from the experts. It was actually like enrolling for an online classroom course, at less than half the price.

~ Jennifer

Liked the questions as well as the essays. The timed mode practice was very helpful. It came eally inexpensive, and since i ahd aleady bought the test series, i got the comprehensive at a major discount.


Buy it guys! I sat gamsat and it helped a lot!

~ Adisa

Most thorough evaluations. Never knew I was doing so much wrong before I went for this service.

~ Yuxin

I simply wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help with my preparation for gamsat. It made the day much more smoother and despite it being difficult, the tutorials and info that you shared with me was very useful. I’m not sure how I went because I did find it hard but hopefully it went ok :)Once again THANK YOU very much for the time you took and THANK YOU too for PrepGenie! Hope you and your team is well and best wishes in all that you do 🙂

~ Kevin Mutemi

I was skeptical at first but the personalized essay feedback was great.

~ Zheng

Its low priced and really awesome material. Great if you need a lot of practice.

~ John

Some questions were easy but the majority was really tough. I got to understand where I stood.

~ Amelia

I am currently a HSC student in NSW, and I am lucky enough to have stumbled upon this awesome site. I really appreciate the efforts that were put in to make it.

~ Mina

Good questions and awesome backend team. Faced a few technical difficulties, but they got sorted out pretty fast.

~ Abdullah

Whopping number of really great questions! I sat the gamsat so I know, the questions are realy up to the mark.

~ Brandon

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