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As one of the three sections of the GAMSAT exam the argumentative and personal essays can make a big difference in the success or failure of your MED school application. Even if you think you’re quite a good essay writer then squeezing out two quality essays in an hour is still quite an achievement. We’ve written this article to give you some tips on doing well on the essays.

Tip One: Be informed

With the argumentative essay you will be demonstrating a keen intellect and knowledge of the world. If you’ve got nothing to say and no idea about current affairs you’re not going to produce a good essay. There’s no excuse not to get to know what’s happening on the news. The Internet is filled with many news aggregators, portals for official news channels and then of course hard copy newspapers are still a great source of news.

Tip Two: Learn useful quotes and facts

When presenting your argument you can’t just write any old nonsense, you’ll be needing to back up your opinions with facts and even figures. That means that in your preparation in the weeks prior to GAMSAT you’ll not only be learning about current affairs but also looking for useful information to use in your essay. If for example you’re writing on “How modern society lacks morals”, if you’re able to add in a real fact such as “25 percent of people are agnostics” your essay will look so much more credible. As a clincher if you’ve them remembered a quote that you’re able to bring in it really makes you look worldly,informed and professional. You of course don’t know what to expect topic wise,but it just takes a little bit of imagination to structure your opinion around these quotes Ian’s facts you’ve memorised.

Tip Three: Basic essay structure

Whether you’re a couple of years or even a decade or two out of formal schooling your essay writing skills might be rusty. Remember you’re supposed to be showing a fine mind, that means that your essay must back up your ideas in logical ways. If you’ve never been a great essay writer or are massively out of practice we suggest just keeping things simple. A clear introduction, a body that develops your argument and works in those facts and opinions you need to include followed by a great summing up with your conclusion, should keep your thoughts nice and tidy and organised.

In follow up articles we’ll go more into depth on how to develop your arguments further and give you advice on how best to approach essays that need a personal perspective.

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