UMAT or GAMSAT? What to choose?

UMAT or GAMSAT? Which route is better?

Medicine via UMAT or GAMSAT?

You’re here reading this because one day you want to be a doctor. Now you might be at the stage where you’re preparing for the GAMSAT or you might be looking at a far flung future and wondering what the differences are between the UMAT route to a medical degree and the GAMSAT route. If that’s the case then this article is for you.

The first thing that you’ve got to understand is that ACER, the educational body behind GAMSAT is also responsible for UMAT. The primary difference between the two is that if you’re a graduate the the route that you need to go through is the GAMSAT.School leavers who have not completed a degree are forced down the GAMSAT route.

The UMAT route?

So if you’re at the stage where you’re thinking of a medical degree, but have not yet started university education, you need to look at the various options open to you. Do you:

  • Want a degree to fall back on
  • Want a bit more learning before launching into a medical degree
  • Want to stand a better chance of getting into med school, by achieving a degree as opposed to dismal school results
  • Have more maturity when finally starting a medical degree
  • Want a longer time to think about your future prospects and perhaps save more money from part time work to offset your Uni costs
  • Be part of university education for longer, thereby improving your focus on learning and getting as much knowledge as possible about all future careers before committing yourself to a long period of study?

If you’ve answered Yes or maybe to any of those questions and are facing uncertainty being a school leaver than the Postgraduate GAMSAT route should be your eventual goal.

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May 29, 2017

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