University of Nottingham GAMSAT Requirements

  The University of Nottingham was established in 1881 as the Nottinghan civic college and was awarded the Royal Charter to become a university in 1948. It has grown from strength to strength since then. Now it even has campuses in China and Malaysia, along the way it has attracted such illustrious lecturers as Professor Albert Einstein and even Mahatma Gandhi. The Medical School is an important part of the university, having being established in 1970 as the first UK medical school to be created in the 20th century. The new campus in Derby City General Hospital is much sought after by medical students.

Naturally with so much prestige attached to this learning institute there is fierce competition to gain a place in it. Like all routes to medicine GAMSAT results are very important. The requirements for this particular faculty are quite stringent, due to the relative shortage of places, the applicants need to be weeded out. GAMSAT results are thus a very important criteria for establishing who will go on to study and eventually become a medical student here.

Firstly it must be noted that for this particular medical school the GAMSAT is a pre-requisite. To apply for the 2013 course you will have to have sat the test in either 2011 or preferably 2012. There is a fairly strict cut off score that must be adhered to with an applicant having a 2.1 or better honours degree needing 59. If you’ve only managed a 2.2 degree then you will have to get 64.

This is further broken down into the particular sections of the test and minimum scores needing to be achieved in each section are: 55 in section 2, in 1 or 3 a score of 55 and a minimum of 50 in the last section.

While the cut off dates for 2013 entry are just past you can expect similar if not the same entry levels for 2014 and beyond.

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