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Great at math,  but stuck with essays?

Too busy with the new job,  and too tired to swot away?

Losing confidence and sweating buckets?

Not sure about the prep materials?

Unsure about how to go about it?

If these are your questions (and we’re sure we’ve have missed out on a lot more), then Knowledgebase is just what the doctor prescribed.

Knowledgebase is just what the name suggests, a way to increase you knowledge base about the GAMSAT examination. This will tackle all the queries that you might not get an answer to in our discussion forum or via mail. Let’s rephrase it, this is what all your friends are talking about; the ultimate solution to the more discursive questions. It’s our latest player on the block, and one aimed at keeping you on your toes. You will never be a step behind the others when it comes to realizing your passion for studying medicine.

Here, you will get to know how to exactly tackle the examination. Here, at your disposal you will find articles on various aspects of it. But hold on…the best part is yet to come:

You don’t just have to read through what we are saying; you can also post your ideas! Think you’ve got a better way of  tackling a particular section in the paper, then say so! That way, the volume increases, and you have a vast array of articles or blogs at your disposal to browse through and incorporate in your preparation at your discretion.

GAMSAT is demanding. It seeks to judge your subject-based knowledge. It demands your energy, efficiency and competency in enormous ways, so much so, that at times, you tend to break under pressure. The challenges posed by the GAMSAT questions hit you hard and moreover, in all the wrong places! Deriving the right answer is tough, but again, nothing is impossible, and certainly not GAMSAT. The trick here is to fall in love with GAMSAT, to be able to connect with it and understand its requirements.

Once you sense the intensity of GAMSAT, be prepared to work hard for it. The rewards are immeasurable. Look deep inside for your strengths, equip yourself. Remind yourself that cracking GAMSAT is what will awaken the doctor in you and give wings to your dreams.

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May 29, 2017

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