What is GAMSAT

Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test

GAMSAT is the first hurdle that you need to jump in your quest to study medicine. If you have dreamed of donning a white coat to save lives and change lives as a doctor, dentist or optometrist, you will first need to score the highest possible mark on your GAMSAT exam.

Many students don’t know where to start when it comes to preparing for their GAMSAT and spend days trying to collect the right books, practice exams and answer sheets from libraries, other students, and teaching staff.

Don’t just clear the GAMSAT, trust PrepGenie to help you champion it !

PrepGenie offers GAMSAT students an easily-accessible and comprehensive online collection of study materials. Our GAMSAT materials are guided study programs with insider tips and tricks on how to master effective GAMSAT study and ace the big exam. Find the nationally-recognised tutorials, quizzes, practice sheets, past exam samples and online peer support that you need to take the necessary steps towards achieving your dreams in medicine right here with PrepGenie. Ask a PrepGenie expert for the tailored and comprehensive GAMSAT preparation materials that you need to make it in medicine.

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