What is the Best Degree for GAMSAT?

What’s the best degree for GAMSAT? You’ve probably heard this question asked, and have yourself asked, a million times. And no wonder, the GAMSAT is a daunting prospect. If you’re a social sciences major you’ll be daunted by the science questions of Section 3. If you’re a science major you’ll be terrified at the thought of poetry and more coming at you in Section 1. So is there a way to choose the best degree for GAMSAT- a degree that will give you the best chance of avoiding all of these problems and succeed?

Let’s begin by busting some myths.

Myth: A Science Degree is Best

You’re going to probably stand a better chance than a non science major of acing section 3. But is it the best degree for gamsat? Realistically any science, chemistry and biology that you’re going to need is going to be probably no more than first year degree level. So if you’re at the end of your degree that particular knowledge has probably slipped your mind, and is anybody actually ever prepared for so many science questions all in one sitting?

Myth: A Social Sciences Degree is Best

You’re probably a whiz at essays and really know how to argue your point. You might even be a fair hand at evaluating, synthesising and finding the hidden meanings in written text. In that case Section 1 and possibly Section 2 might be easier for you. But if you go in unprepared your lack of science knowledge would cost you dearly.

A science degree will cover the basics of the science section but other degrees will help you more with essay writing, reading and understanding. Bear in mind that a degree you’re good at is going to help you achieve a better GPA for med school entry.

The Great Thing About GAMSAT

is that it really doesn’t judge. It takes place once a year, which makes preparing for it- if not a hoot and a half- quite manageable. While ACER doesn’t give out a specific syllabus, it certainly provides you with enough hints as to which areas you should focus on; besides, it’s not tough to come across a pretty comprehensive syllabus, based on analysis of previous papers.

It’s important to remember that you need to be equally proficient in all the there sections to fare really well in the exam. GAMSAT is highly competitive, which means that you need to score high in all three areas to stay in the top percentile. Naturally, any and all discipline is pretty much on equal footing here; after all, specialisation in one area will cause you to lose touch with other disciplines. In the end, you will need to work as hard to prepare for GAMSAT as anyone else.

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