What it Takes to Write a Good GAMSAT Essay

How are you planning to score high in GAMSAT Section II? Do you like to read? Even if you don’t, make yourself read a bit everyday. In GAMSAT Section II, you’ll be given two sets of quotations. You are expected to express your views in the form of essays in response to one or more of the given quotations.  The examiner looks for the candidate’s ability to articulate thoughts/ideas, substantiated with relevant historical evidences and current affairs. The first essay, usually, deals with socio-cultural issues while the second essay focuses more on personal, philosophical and social ideas.

And do read! You should keep in regular touch with good newspapers and magazines so that you are abreast with the current affairs of the world. Specifically, read editorials from local, national and international newspapers to foster a style of addressing pressing socio-political issues. Give yourself 1-2 hours to read per day.  Get acquainted with the political cartoons published in newspapers to get a sense of wry humor. It is suggested that you read celebrated novels, poems and some basic philosophy to get a better flair for understanding the sets of quotes.

Do you have a short span of attention? Do you feel fatigued with too much of reading? Websites like http://www.ted.com/ , offer you efficacious lectures on a wide variety of topics. You can’t sound soft soap in your GAMSAT essays. You need to have a strong vocabulary and skills to understand diction as well as arguments. These sites will back you up with a compelling thesaurus of important events across time and space and upgrade your reasoning skills.  Information gleaned from researching on social sciences will help you to comprehend the quotations as well as to substantiate your essay.

Here are few authentic sources to keep you well researched and updated:

Engage yourself actively while reading.  Identify the main points, think from an unbiased perspective and jot them down. This should follow an exercise of building your own thought process on the same points extracted from the same text.

This article may give you a tedious guide line, but you’ll shine with flying colors in the essays once you’ve put this plan into action!

image source: chemistryviews.org , encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com

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