Where is the GAMSAT MATHS Section?

The simple answer is that there isn’t a specific maths section in the GAMSAT exam BUT Section 3 does have problems (particularly in GAMSAT Physics or GAMSAT Chemistry) that need you to have basic math skill to be able to do.. During this year’s GAMSAT calculators were banned, so getting your maths up to the required standard to take on some of those tricky physics/chemistry questions is in your best interest. And of course we love giving you quick and easy ways of succeeding, so we’ve compiled some tips to help out.

Tip 1GAMSAT Maths patterns.

Memorize easy square roots between 1 and 15 and other frequently used numbers should fall into place. Let’s look at these: 12 is 144, 13 is 169, 14 is 196, 15 is 225. So a frequently used test number like 1.44 on the GAMSAT leaves you quickly using the pattern to find a root (1.2-remember 144’s root is 12!) it really is in your best interest to explore past papers and see for yourself whether the examiners tend to use certain numbers over and over again in equations.

Tip 2: Who needs a calculator?

The multiple choice format gives you a lot of leeway for estimation: Want the root of 14? 3 x3 is 9 and 4×4 is 16 so it must be somewhere in between. Whichever MCQ fits the closest is the answer! You really don’t need to labour over precise figures when a quick guesstimating will do. Remember that there are a lot of questions to answer as fast as possible, the last thing you want to do is be solving advanced quadratics by hand!

Tip 3: Practice makes perfect

Even in the past when calculators were allowed candidates weren’t reliant on them, but a few little tricks that we’ve listed should go a long way. If you’ve sat the test before now is the time to revise those old papers and keep on practicing, but this time without any calculators!

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