Who is eligible for GAMSAT?

Perhaps you’ve spent the last few years in a job where you feel undervalued and even underpaid. You might be considering a change, but are afraid that the normal entry to Med school via GAMSAT is beyond you. We’re you to help you out and dispell some of the myths holding you back from your perfect career.

Are you too old for GAMSAT?

If you meet the other criteria age does not need to be a barrier at all. The only time that being a student of advanced years could become an issue is with specific med school requirements and hospital internships. Age will never stop you from taking the GAMSAT, but make enquiries about future prospects before you attempt it, to avoid disappointment if you ace the test.

imagesWhat education is needed for GAMSAT?

If you’ve completed a Bachelor’s degree or are in your second to last or final year of Bachelor degree study then you’re eligible, IF you personally think that you have the prerequisite subject-knowledge and maturity.

Will my social science degree be a disadvantage?

No, as the test is divided over three sections. You will probably find that certain questions appeal to your skill set, such as Section 2’s essay responses. However, a certain amount of physics, chemistry and biology knowledge is needed for Section 3. If you don’t have an A level or approaching University entry level knowledge of these you should definitely plan on an extra revision to brush up.

Will my Science Degree help me to succeed?

In a way, it is an advantage having a degree in the sciences. A lot of information underpinning Section 3 comes from the realm of science. However, if you struggle in communicating effectively you might struggle in Section 2. Equally, the multiple choice responses in Section 1 need an interpretative approach when it comes to responses to stimulus like poetry or literature. So if you struggle with these we again recommend an intensive course of study to increase your chances of success.

GAMSAT will test your ability to undertake high-level studies in a medical or dental course, there aren’t many barriers to entry with a basic university degree but it isn’t a test to be undertaken lightly.

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May 29, 2017

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