Why GAMSAT is making the world a better place

For one of our first posts of 2013/last of 2012 instead of giving out our usual advice we thought that instead of dispensing our usual great “get you through the GAMSAT” advice we’d use this special time of year to think about how the GAMSAT is, in a small way at least,making the world a better place.

Thinking laterally

Contrast the mission type doctors of yesteryear,the Mother Teresa’s of the medical profession, who not only brought healing, but also happiness to many ailing people. As opposed to doctors who up until recent decades were fantastic with medicine and theory,but not so good with people. GAMSAT has sought to change that. Why else do you think that you’re writing essays so testers can see your ability to reason and for you to show that you can weigh up responses and see other people’s viewpoints. And that’s even before you start to see the very humanistic responses to Section 1s questions in action.

Where were you on New Year’s Eve?

We hope that you had a great New Year’s Eve party, after all you deserve to let your hair down before March’s GAMSAT. For a very unfortunate few, and we hope that you aren’t one of those, but we’re sure you might know somebody like this; the fiesta does sometimes end in hospital. We’ve all seen the news programs that show drunkenness leading to hospitilisation and police involvement. Now we haven’t seen official stats published,but we think that the GAMSAT is going to help make this a little bit better.

A new type of missionary

You see the GAMSAT seeks to bring doctors to a level where they are able to approach and treat their patients on a very human level. In a way almost like olden day missionaries, theoretically a GAMSAT doctor is selected to not only be an expert on treatment, but also on the human side of doctoring. Instead of a cold fish of a doctor with no empathy, simply treating a New Years drunk, up until the point of aggravating the situation , we hope a GAMSAT doctor with superior empathy skills will be able to not only treat patients who’ve over indulged, but also prevent any situations developing.

Happy New Year!!!

That’s our New Years message to you-look forward to being part of a new caring, sharing human type of doctor through the power of GAMSAT!

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