Why GAMSAT study groups is a good idea?

If you’re thinking of a career in medicine then you are not only entering an intensely competitive but also an immensely collaborative field. While rivalries will exist both in and beyond medical school it is quite impossible to perform as a modern medical practitioner without learning to work and collaborate with peers and colleagues.

At the height of a medical career you might even strive to be a top surgeon. Just like the old adage of “behind every good man is a good woman”, someone engaging in intricate and precise surgery has a tight knit team behind them. Consisting of everything from highly experienced nurses to anesthesiologists a tea like this must be cohesive and collaborate.

The “top surgeon” scenario is what a successful GAMSAT student might eventually strive to be. So even before you’ve started on your medical career the present is the perfect time to inculcate those habits that you’ll take with you into a long and full career. A study group is a great way to work on those social skills and learn how to work with peers in the field of medicine who share common goals and desires.

There are many other benefits of joining a study group too. Irrespective of whether you like to work alone or in a team it’s a good idea to join a group to get that extra bit of motivation that will drive you to succeed. Both your successes and failures at pre-tests and the test itself will benefit from being shared with a likeminded peer group.

The nature of modern medicine and the environment in which it thrives is complex and always changing, it is nigh impossible for one person to keep track of all the ins and out of this field. Even at the pre-test stage having a strong peer group to help your studies will allow you to draw everyone’s skills and sources of information to get the most out of your medical studies.

It is surprisingly easy to find a study group in many major cities on the GAMSAT “circuit”. London, Dublin and Adelaide amongst others, have long had a tradition of having many such groups. Look on local medical bulletin boards, University study forums and even sites like Facebook and Craigslist to find your nearest

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