Why GAMSAT Testing is used as a Med school criteria

The GAMSAT test might be a lot different from previous tests that you had in formal education. Many formal  education exams are there to test and assess you on knowledge that you have learned and applied through a period of study. In conventional testing you might be asked to use the knowledge and hence skills that you have previously acquired to answer test questions. But it really a mark of a tests failure if the questions that are presented to you aren’t within the scope of your knowledge.

GAMSAT goes about things in a fundamentally different way. It has even been argued by some that the medical entry test is merely a test of your potential as there is no rigorous study or pre-knowledge that is needed to pass it.

Understanding, analysis, critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving are all typical skills that are being tested in the exam. A thorough preparation through prior test papers and mock test papers will allow you to start to hone and refine your abilities in those areas. Logic especially is a skill that only improves with practice and allows you to see patterns and connections. As wide an exposure to eclectic texts as possible will help a student to start to get into the mindset of attempting the GAMSAT.

There are three sections to the test and three components that are being tested.

I Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences

II Written Communication

III Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences

This triumvirate will help the tested person to be effectively assessed in their ability to take on board problem based learning techniques which are so important for the way modern medicine is taught.

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