Writing an Argumentative Essay for GAMSAT

In GAMSAT do not eGAMSAT Essay skillsxpect to be given an essay topic that asks you about your pet dog. You’re embarking on a journey that will hopefully end in medical school, so your well crafted essays must be of sufficient caliber to show examiners that you’re a logical and clear thinking student.

Most GAMSAT essays are argumentative in nature, and you are expected to know how to construct an argumentative essay that does not start to verge into becoming offensive, but is able to express your opinions articulately. The following outline will show you how to construct a good argumentative essay. It is a simple representation of the basic pattern that you are required to follow when you are writing an argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is a composition that states a thesis or makes a statement and then supports it with evidence to establish the validity of the said thesis. When you are practicing these tips before GAMSAT you will be able to follow the outline more carefully. But while writing your GAMSAT essay you should still be able to follow the outline mentally.

A strong thesis is needed to underpin your whole argument. You must form a strong and well thought out thesis statement that shows what you intend to convey. This is very important because this is the basis of your whole essay. Choose the topic amongst the ones you’ve been given and decide what you are going to write. Go over this once more until you know enough about this when you are forming your opinion or perspective about the topic. This is the stand you will take in your essay and will also be the conclusion at which you seek to arrive. This will be your thesis statement and must therefore precede anything else you write in your essay.

Next you must build an argument to support the thesis statement. Make a mental note of all the points in your argument, all the evidence that you will use as support and every reasoning that you will apply to defend your argument. When this is done you should be able to establish the validity of your conclusion. Unless you are able to do this you cannot proceed with the thesis statement. If you do find yourself fumbling over the points it is advisable to discard the thesis statement and construct another one that you can adequately justify. You must believe in your own argument to be able to write convincingly about it or it will turn out to be a confused, half-baked piece of writing.

Next you must arrange your argument in order to produce maximum effect. When you have made a mental note of all the things you are going to mention in your essay it is a good idea to arrange them in a way that makes a great impact on the reader. This is to be done in the order of the strength of the argument in ascending order. However while this arrangement may not always be possible due to pressure or time constraints, if you are able to do this your essay gathers greater momentum as the reader works their way through it. If it is not possible to arrange them this way, arrange them as logically as possible and also list any contrary arguments. Contrary arguments must be shown fully and in a fair manner so that your essay does not come across as one-sided and impractical.

Write your essay according to this outline, turn it in and wait for the examiners to be astounded by your essay writing skills. You’re evaluated on how well you present your argument and if you can communicate your well thought out points clearly. If this has been done a high score should be coming your way.

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May 29, 2017

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