A Few Important Things To Keep In Mind For UMAT

The registration for the UMAT  this year is all set to open on December 2016. With that, it is essential for you to keep a few things in mind, so that you do not get into any kind of unwanted trouble before or during the examination.

Registration fee:
The registration fee for the UMAT  is $250, which would include the cost of registration, one UMAT preparation material, test results and the basic stationery items required for the examination. All students must make the payment in Australian dollars only. However, in case you are Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card holder, then you will be benefited with a Concession Fee of $150. The holders of New Zealand Community Services cards and private health insurance membership cards are not entitled to get this privilege.

If you are sitting for this examination from anywhere outside Australia or New Zealand, then you have to pay $185 in addition to the normal registration charges.
A late fee of $65 would be applied, if registration is not done on time. This condition would apply to every candidate sitting for the examination.

A wrong identity card might drive you out of the examination hall right away. Make sure that you carry an identification document bearing your photo. This photo should be embedded and not laminated. It should also contain your name, date of birth and signature. The preferred identification documents would be your passport, your current learner’s permit or driving licence, Keypass, Proof of Age Card, 18+ cards. However, if you are unable to produce any of these documents, then you may be allowed for the UMAT paper, in lieu of a formal and authentic certified letter of identification on an official letterhead from a reliable authority of your current institute like school, college, office, etc.

Alternative Test Dates:
In case you are unable to attend the UMAT exam on July 26, 2017 due to illness, then you must produce a proper medical certificate, supported with detailed explanation of your illness from an authentic medical professional. This has to be produced at least a week before the examination or within three days after the examination. If the authorities find your reason justified enough, they would schedule another date within two weeks after the UMAT gets over. However, there would be just one alternative test date allotted for all the candidates who apply for it, and only a few major cities would support these facilities.

May 29, 2017