Additional Information About Our Courses

There are few things you need to understand before you buy our courses:

1 Full length test (online): Questions from all 3 constructs make up the 134 questions {(LRPS 48)+(Understanding People 44)+(NVR 42)}.

3 Full Length Tests (paperback): It’s a hard copy of the 3 UMAT Full Length Papers. It is available separately as a different package (UMAT 3 Full Length Test Series), and also as part of the Comprehensive Exam Series. If you have already purchased the Comprehensive Exam Series, do not repurchase the Mini Test Series.

If you purchase UMAT 5 Full Length Test Series (paperback) you will be getting 3 FLTs as paperback and 2 FLTs via online LMS.

If you purchase UMAT 5 Full Length Test Series (online) you will be getting 5 FLTs via online LMS.

Drills: Every drill contains 10 questions.

Constructs (Previously known as Sections):  Each construct- LRPS, Understanding People and NVR has 48, 44 and 42 questions respectively(i.e. 48+44+42=134 Questions). Combining these 3 makes a full length paper.

Insider’s Guide of all 3 Constructs:  The insider’s guide will help a student to understand the basic concepts of different problems. The insider’s guide includes the following:
Insider’s guide to LRPS, Insider’s guide to middle of sequence, Insider’s guide to DI, Insider’s guide to Puzzles, Insider’s guide to clinical reasoning, Insider’s guide to non-clinical reasoning, Insider’s guide to next in the series, Insider’s guide to missing segment. These are how-to guides, so it will be a good idea to read through them before attempting the tests.

Unlimited reviews: You can review your attempts unlimited times. That means after you finished one attempt, you can always check the answers and the explanations as many times you want for your clarification (as long as you access is valid).

24 x 7 email support: If you have any query regarding the course or anything you want to ask, we are always available through email or chat.

LMS Access Validity: The validity of your courses depends on which UMAT course you’re buying. It generally varies from 15-365 days.

LMS Access Details:  After completing the purchase, the student will receive the access details to the LMS in the email provided while making the purchase. Hence, students are requested to always check their mailbox’s promotions/spam/junk tabs to retrieve the LMS access details. Access details has login url, username and password. In case there are any issues with the access details (you haven’t received them or cannot log in), send an email immediately to, or leave a message in our website chat option. We will revert within 12 working hours.

Ask an Expert: This button is there right beneath every question in the LMS (Learning Management System). When you don’t agree with an answer, feel the explanation is not quite lucid, think there’s something amiss with the question or simply need to know something about a concept, just click on the button, type your query/suggestion and submit. We will receive your comment immediately and get back to you, via email. If you are working on the printed papers, send us an email with your query. In the subject line, mention your name, no of test paper and the question number.

F.A.Q by Our Students

It’s a free full length test paper consisting of 134 questions.


To access our free paper do the following;
1. Visit and register.
2. Check your mails inbox/spam/junk folders for login url, username and password.
3. Then open the login url on your browser and put the username and password to login to our LMS.
4. Then, after successful login scroll down to block no.4 titled “UMAT Full Length Mock Exams” and select the UMAT Full Length Mock Exam 1.

UMAT Comprehensive Exam series allows you to access all our UMAT materials in LMS.

  • Open the login url on your browser and put the username and password to login to our LMS.
  •  Then, after successful login you will see 6 blocks titled such as “Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving” “Understanding People” and so on.
  • Click on them to expand.
  • Only highlighted areas you are allowed to access for every respective UMAT courses.