An Overview Of A Few Famous UMAT Consortium Universities

If you appear for the UMAT , then you would be eligible for applying in only those selected colleges that fall under the UMAT Consortium. After your examination gets over, the UMAT officials will directly send your scores to the universities that you have chosen, so that you need not take any effort to get that done. However, before you select your universities, it is absolutely essential to have a clear idea about their requirements and standards, so that you may judge your standard and prospects in that particular institute.

Before you start choosing the universities, you should go through their admission procedure and requirement, and see what exactly they want from the candidates, in terms of scores, documents, educational background, etc. If you feel that the institute expects something that you cannot meet, then please do not select them, as by doing so, you might be curtailing the possibility of another person who fulfills the required criteria. Nevertheless, it is always good to know something about these leading universities, where you can pursue your medical courses after UMAT.

  • University Of Auckland- This is one of the leading universities in New Zealand, where you can pursue a flourishing medical career after UMAT. The best part about this university is its international exposure. Every year, students from more than 90 countries apply to this university for various courses, medical sciences and dentistry being just two of them.
  • University Of Adelaide- This university offers fourteen courses in the field of medical sciences. You may pursue a Bachelor degree, Honours Bachelor Degree, or a Double Degree, in order to get your unique specialisation. This university has produced 103 Rhode scholars, nurturing more than 23,000 competent students from all over the world.
  • University Of Tasmania- This is yet another elite university in Australia and New Zealand that boasts about its high academic standard in every respect. Its medical courses consist of four programs at the undergraduate level. The faculty indulges in a consistent process of adding new prospects to this field, in order to keep their students updated with the latest medical discoveries.
  • University Of Western Australia- Unlike many other universities, the medical course of University of Australia is based on four themes. They are:
  1. Doctor, Health and Society
  2. Scientific Basis of Medicine
  3. Doctor and Patient
  4. Personal and Professional Development

As you get enrolled to these courses, the university will provide you with ample opportunity to choose your optional study blocks, according to your interest and convenience. The course would take six years to get completed, but if you opt for a part time course, then it might get extended.

  • University of New South Wales- This university is also regarded as one of the leading universities in Australia, which attracts a whopping number of international students every year. University of New South Wales offers an integrated medical course, merging it with the humanistic aspects of medical science. There are provisions for lucrative research programs, and a bachelor degree in exercise physiology.
  • University Of New Castle- This university offers four different courses under the faculty of health. They are, Biomedical Sciences & Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Medicine & Public Health, Nursing & Midwifery. Unlike many other leading universities, it does not train you with the art of surgery. Therefore, if you desire to pursue a career in public health and community health service, then this college can definitely be one of the options. You can also opt for a research program on a topic that you find interesting.
  • University Of Melbourne- This is another university that you may take keen interest on. This is because, it offers a course in almost each and every sub-division of medical sciences, covering the art of surgery, medicine, nursing, community health service, population health, and dentistry. Each course is segregated from one another, so that you are not to study something that you do not wish to. Therefore, if you wish to study population health and rule out the option for nursing or surgery, then this university is just the right place for you.

However, you must keep in mind that there are several other details and facts regarding the medical courses in each of these colleges. In order to take the right decision, you should go through their official website and arrive at a sensible conclusion.

February 27, 2017

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