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Basic Information About UMAT 2017

The UMAT is almost knocking the door. All of you, who are planning to sit for this examination, must have …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisNovember 24, 2016

A Few Important Things To Keep In Mind For UMAT

The registration for the UMAT  this year is all set to open on December 2016. With that, it is essential …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisNovember 24, 2016

Preparing For The UMAT Interview

Once the UMAT written exams are over, you have a new worry to deal with: UMAT Interviews. Preparing for the …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisOctober 11, 2016

Criteria of Universities that Accept UMAT Scores – Part Two

  Also read: Criteria of Universities that Accept UMAT Scores – Part One Tasmania: University of Tasmania : Bachelor of Medicine …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisAugust 5, 2015

Criteria of Universities that Accept UMAT Scores – Part One

UMAT is used (by participating universities in Australia) in the selection process of medicine and health science programmes for applicants who are Australian …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisJuly 30, 2015

Taking the UMAT at a Later Date

You can never predict if you are going to be physically ok and in fact, in the best of health, …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisMay 29, 2012

Some Last Minute Tips For UMAT Section 1

With only a few days to go before the UMAT, candidates have entered a frenzied preparation stage so that the …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisJuly 15, 2011

UMAT Regulations: Make Sure You Are Not Indulging In Any Unethical Behaviour

  Now that the UMAT is less than a month away, preparations must be in full swing. Besides worrying about …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisJuly 6, 2011

UMAT Sample Test- A Major Determinant In Your Choice Of Practice Material

With the UMAT knocking at the door, candidates aspiring to crack the test are busy in going through the choicest of …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisJune 24, 2011

Dealing With UMAT Section 3

UMAT comprises of a good number of questions on Non Verbal Reasoning. As the name suggests, this section deals with …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisJune 14, 2011

UMAT Sample Questions – The First Step in Your Preparation

With eye on UMAT 2017, candidates are busy in preparing themselves for the examination day. However, you ensured that the …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisJune 2, 2011

How To Deal With The UMAT Pressure?

Examinations are probably the most stressful events of our life. However, we cannot actually avoid the pressure offered by them. …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisMay 5, 2011

UMAT Tutors Give You A Dose Of Success

UMAT might not seem like an easy deal to many students. This is because the tough questions along with their …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisApril 22, 2011

Selection criteria of the universities after UMAT

After UMAT , the biggest anxiety is associated with your admission. Completely clueless about which college you might possibly land …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisApril 12, 2011

An Overview Of A Few Famous UMAT Consortium Universities

If you appear for the UMAT , then you would be eligible for applying in only those selected colleges that …Read More

Profile PhotoTim LewisApril 12, 2011