UMAT Comprehensive Exam Series (6 Months)


Get 800+ UMAT sample questions with worked solutions

Students can choose between Paperback or Online version of the 3 FLTs.

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6 Full Length Mock Tests – 800+ questions (FLT 5-10)
3 FLTs i.e. 8,9 & 10 available as paperback.

3 Sectional Tests on Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving – 144 questions (Sectional tests 1-3)
3 Sectional Tests on Understanding People – 142 questions (Sectional tests 4-6)
3 Sectional Tests on Non-verbal Reasoning – 126 questions (Sectional tests 7-9)

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You can review your attempts unlimited times. That means after you finished one attempt, you can always check the answers and the explanations as many times you want for your clarification.

Each test on this course are timed, so that it pushes you to your limits and improve your time management skills.
All tests are delivered to you via LMS (Learning Management System) account, the access details of which will be sent to your registered email id.

Detailed Solutions of ACER UMAT Prcatice Tests 1 & 2
Strategy Documents
Reading Lists
Workshop Recordings & PDFs

Validity of this course is 6 months

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