UMAT Understanding People


212 UMAT sample questions with answer keys and detailed explanations.



Sectional Exams

3 Sectional Tests on Understanding People – 142 questions (Sectional tests 4-6)


4 Clinical Reasoning Drills – 40 questions (Drills 10-13)

4 Non-clinical Reasoning Drills – 40 questions (Drills 14-17)


Each question is provided with answer keys and worked solutions.

ACER Solutions

Detailed Solutions of ACER UMAT Practice Tests 1 & 2 – Construct 2

Workshop and other materials

Insider’s Guide to Clinical Reasoning

Insider’s Guide to Non-clinical Reasoning

PrepGenie Workshops on Understanding People – Recordings & PDFs

Recommended Reading List

Ask an Expert

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Course Validity

The course is valid for 6 months.

Unlimited reviews

You can review your attempts unlimited times. That means after you finish one attempt, you can always check the answers and the explanations as many times you want for your clarification.


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This course is included within UMAT Comprehensive Exam Series.


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