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How did the exam go?

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    Tim Lewis

    So! how was your exam?

    Was it difficult than you thought it would be? Or it wasn’t?

    Did you find anything new on the question paper?


    Hannah Juncal

    I did quite well. Though I find few section 3 questions very difficult. I am not sure, it was only me or not, but it seemed very difficult.


    Tobias Cortes

    It took me 10-15 minutes to understand which section should I start from. Yes, I know my technique might look different, but yes, it is easier for me to go with a single construct based questions. Starting from section 3!! obviously because, i can do them very quickly. then LRPS and then understanding people questions.

    However, in most cases, or may be few cases, I found some questions very difficult to answer. So , yes, I don’t know whether they are right oe wrong. Overall, I think I have marked 85% of the questions correclty. Let’s see what’s in there for me in the future. 😀



    I wish i did what the chap before me responded with. Working Un-sequentially might have saved me heaps of time, as i find it easier going construct by construct. Sections 2 and 3 generally take less time all in all, though there may be lots of reading involved (section 2!) but multiple questions on the one stem to make up for it. but the logical reasoning is generally a bit more intensive for me = thus takes more time.

    now we wait to see whether or not my gut feeling of having answered at least two thirds of the test correctly is indeed viable


    Jayden Ding

    Yeah! I don’t know why, but ACER should go back to the old (sequence based) pattern for the exam. I know, it’s very difficult to solve randomly and that’s what ACER what us to challenge for. Anyway! this is my second year and it seems quite hard this time. Found some odd kinda questions as well.

    Though, I think my guessing power will definitely help me out this time 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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