How To Deal With The UMAT Pressure?

Examinations are probably the most stressful events of our life. However, we cannot actually avoid the pressure offered by them. Examinations are a part of our life and overcoming its pressure is a common challenge that each and every student has to confront. UMAT is no different, except for the fact that it can get slightly tougher than the usual ones. This is because it is a competitive examination that takes place at a national level.

Therefore, the pressure on the examinees gets all the more stressful, for they have to outshine a huge number of competitors. Nevertheless, there is a solution for every problem and so is for UMAT. Dealing with examination pressure can get easier if you follow a few tips that are mentioned below.


1. Well Planned Routine:

Always follow a well-planned routine before the examination. This helps in reducing the pressure of studying at the eleventh hour. Preparation without proper planning can lead to anxiety, stress, and tension at the last moment while planning out your activities and adhering to the plan strictly is bound to yield a better outcome, both in terms of health and productivity.


2. Rigid Timeline:

The plan should ideally be supported by a preparation schedule. If you think that a monthly or a weekly schedule might not be enough, then prepare a schedule on a daily basis. This would enable sticking to the timeline more rigidly.


3. Recreational Activities:

Keep enough time for other recreational activities. Studying all through the day without any leisure can only make you feel worse and more stressed out. On the other hand, a proper and regular time allotted for recreation would help you to rejuvenate yourself and freshen up your mind for a better UMAT preparation.


4. Eating Habits:

Proper eating habits also determine your state of mind. Healthy food makes a big contribution to proper cognitive functioning. Similarly, excessive junk food, rich in oil and spices, can not only lead to stomach trouble but also harm your psychological functioning. Although junk food becomes irresistible at times, it is better to avoid its frequent consumption.


5. Good Night Sleep:

Proper sleep is also essential for a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. Lack of sleep can result in psychological turmoil, irritability, paranoia, mood swings, and several other things that are undesirable before an examination like UMAT. It also causes several physical problems like lethargy and droopiness. Make sure that you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day so that your mind remains healthy and the body stays active.


6. Passion for Medical Career:

Start developing a genuine passion for this profession. If you are genuinely interested in pursuing a medical career, then your interest and passion for this profession will automatically generate the diligence within you to crack this examination. In that case, UMAT practice would not seem so stressful. Likewise, if your intentions to become a doctor is superficial and you consider that to be just another career option, then preparing for UMAT might get quite tedious.


7. Don’t Panic:

If you feel stressed out and if your mind is left blank, then you should avoid panicking, as that can turn out to be even more harmful. Panicking never solves a problem, but rather complicates the matter a step further. If you think that you are being unable to deal with a particular situation, then simply take a break and resume the task with a fresher approach after a short interval. If you still do not get a solution, then ask someone to help you out.


8. Managing Expectations:

Managing your expectations is equally important. Expecting more than what you are capable of producing leads to excessive stress that can cause more derogatory consequences later on. Analyse what you are actually capable of and to what extent you can improve yourself. Do not force yourself to produce something unachievable. This is not meant for demoralising you, but simply to deliver you from the consequences that emerge out of over-expectation. However, that does not mean that you should not work hard.


9. Stay Positive:

Develop a positive approach towards the examination. Do not feel pessimistic if you face some initial friction. Instead, take the situation in your stride and keep repeating it to yourself that you can do it. A pessimistic approach, right at the very beginning, can reduce your efficiency, productivity, determination, and many other important and positive traits that are required in this examination. A positive approach would only boost these traits and make way for better UMAT scores.


10. Meditation Can Help Alot:

Practice meditation on a regular basis, preferably early in the morning. This would impart more focus and concentration within you. A proper meditation session of 10 minutes can also keep your mind free from distractions and negative thoughts. As a result, you get less vulnerable to examination pressure and stress and carry out your preparation with ease.


11. Revise Regularly:

Although some students tend to underestimate its merits, it actually makes a huge contribution to your efficiency and productivity. A regular revision would make it easier to arrive at solutions to the problems that have bothered you in the paper. Going through them frequently reduces the possibilities of repeating the same mistakes. It also reminds you about the important formula, vocabulary, and methodologies which might be essential for a better performance in UMAT.


Do not bother about the consequences while you are preparing for the test. A consistent tension regarding the final results after the examination will only put more pressure on you. Just think positively and believe in your dreams and the hard work that you are putting in. Believe in yourself and in that all your hard work is bound to produce the result that you have always dreamt about.

The tips that have been mentioned above are just a few of the numerous ways by which you can effectively reduce the exam pressure. If you think that certain indulgences can help you in reducing the pressure and anxiety before the exam, then you can always give it a try. Since every person is a different individual with a different lifestyle and unique ideals, every solution might not be applicable to all. It is your duty to identify what might be the best for you and make sure that you make every effort to curtail the immense examination pressure that precedes UMAT.

May 29, 2017