Selection criteria of the universities after UMAT

After UMAT , the biggest anxiety is associated with your admission. Completely clueless about which college you might possibly land in, you might get a few sleepless nights, filled with tension. Nevertheless, it is always better to have an idea about the selection criteria of the colleges that come under ACER. Here comes some information that might help you out.

  • The University Of South Wales: For the candidates who are appearing for UMAT admission, ACER ensures 208 Commonwealth Supported Places. That would include 52 seats reserved for Rural Students Entry Scheme, another 52 for Bonded Medical Places, and eight for Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship Scheme. Most of the places would be reserved for those students who have just finished their school, while only a few would be reserved for the students who have completed, or are completing their graduation. Apart from this,  the authorities will consider your score in year 12, your performance in tertiary studies if applicable, your scores in UMAT, and your performance in the semi-structured interview.
  • University Of Western Sydney: This University will offer 100 Commonwealth Supported Places. 25% of the seats will be offered to the students who have already completed a graduation course for three years or more. 75% would be allotted to the school leavers, or those students who are non-graduates. Admission would be based on the candidates’ performance in UMAT, previous academic records, and performance in the structured interview.
  • University Of Newcastle/ University Of New England: The Bachelor of Medicine – Joint Medical Program of these Universities, will provide a total of 170 Commonwealth Supported Places, that is, 110 in the University Of Newcastle and 60 in the University of New England. This would also include 43 Bonded Medical Places, and 6 Medical Rural Bonded Scholarships. Rural/Remote Admissions Scheme will command 30% of the Commonwealth Supported Places. The admission criteria would depend on the candidates’ performance in UMAT, online personal qualities assessment, and the structured interview.
  • Charles Darwin University: This institute will offer only 12 Commonwealth Supported Places. The reservation criteria of this university are still under review. Therefore, the student must go through the official website of this university to know the matter in full details. However, the admission ranking would only consider the student’s performance in year 12, which would command 90% of the selection score, while his UMAT score would contribute only 10% for it.
  • Bond University: This University would restrict its admission for the international students, as well as any Commonwealth supported places. There would be 84 full-fee paying places for this year’s admission. The university is yet to review the number of places to be allotted for fresh school leavers, students pursuing a tertiary graduate course, and those students who have already completed their graduation. However, selection would be determined by the student’s performance in year 12, in UMAT, and structured interview. They also prefer students who have minimum knowledge of Math, Chemistry and English.
  • University Of Queensland: Offering 150 Commonwealth Supported Places, selection would be based on the candidate’s performance in UMAT, where a minimum score of 50% is desirable, along with attainment of Queensland OP1. International students will have 50 places reserved for them.
  • Flinders University: There would be 25 Commonwealth Supported Places reserved for this year. Admission would be open only for the school leavers, with five places for indigenous students. A student with a record of tertiary education institution will not be considered. The admission process would involve judging your performance in year 12, which will contribute to 90% of the selection criteria, along with your performance in UMAT that would contribute to only 10%.
  • University Of Adelaide: The number of Commonwealth Supported Places has not been announced by this university, but there would definitely be some places reserved for that. School leavers with no records in any tertiary education institute will be preferred. However, some students from the same university, who wish to apply as a tertiary transfer applicant, will also get a few places for themselves. 25 seats will be reserved for Rural Background Entry Cohort. Admission process will consider the student’s performance in UMAT, in year 12, while the best UMAT scorers will also be judged on a structured oral assessment.
  • University Of Tasmania: There would be 120 intakes for this year in total. Every student must have an impressive score in Tasmanian Certificate of Education. Intake of the students will depend on their marks obtained in UMAT, along with that of year 12 Chemistry, and year 12 English (including, English Communications, English Studies, and English Writing).
  • La Trobe University: This University does not offer a course or degree in medicine or surgery, but has a course in dentistry. There would be 50 Commonwealth Supported Places allotted for dentistry program, and 30 for oral health program. The year 12 candidates need not sit for UMAT, while the rest of the students, who would be applying for the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Dentistry)/Master of Dentistry, would be evaluated on the basis of their performance in UMAT, previous academic records, personal interview, and the personal information of the candidate. To get admitted in the Bachelor of Oral Health Science, a student will be absorbed on the basis of their GPA and past VCE results. However, if their GPA is low, then the university would refer to their UMAT scores.
  • Monash University: There would be provision for 190 Commonwealth Supported Places, 6 medical rural bonded scholarship schemes seats, 62 Bonded Medical Places, and 30 places for Extended Rural Cohort. This university would only admit the school leavers in this course, and no student with any record in a tertiary education institution would be absorbed. The criteria for admission would be the candidate’s performance in UMAT, in year 12 and in the interview.
  • University Of Auckland: This University will have the provision for 191 government funded places, including 45 places for Maori Pacific Admission Scheme, and 30 places for the Rural Origin Medical Preferential Entry Scheme. The graduates who want to apply for this course must have obtained GPA of 6 in their full time degree course from any New Zealand University. These students would be ranked on the basis of their performance in the last two academic years of their preceding full time course.
February 27, 2017

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