What Skill Sets are Judged Through Understanding People

Understanding People is nothing but a kind of a personality test. These tests aim to assess your facility with handling interpersonal relations in the workplace. Medicine is a people-oriented profession where you come across different cross sections of people every day. In this test, you are presented with a situation and asked to select a response. The judgements about your personality are made based on these responses.

There are some core competencies that these tests are trying to assess. The competencies being assessed and a broad definition of each are provided below:

1. Ability to communicate and influence other people.
Is able to establish a rapport with others. Successful communicators can fine tune their response to accommodate a situation as it arises. They are good listeners and communicate effectively to get their message across. Correlate well to others; have a facility with the conventions of language whether written or spoken and orients their communication according to the audience. Successfully gets across complex or technical information to laymen. Communication is impactful, precise and purposeful.

2. Team working
Can be a team player and has the ability to integrate themselves into diverse teams. The team goal comes before individual interest and is empathetic toward the other team members. Communication is open and honest and is supportive of other team members. Supports and motivates other team members.

3. Building relationships
Builds effective relationships with people within and outside the organisation. Is able to build long term relationship with people they work with and also patients. The ability should not be limited only to build but to sustain relationships over time.

4. Patient Focus
Is able to empathise and understand the needs and requirements of his patients. Applies this knowledge to deliver better service. Focuses on the needs of the patient and goes an extra mile to make them happy.

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