Some Last Minute Tips For UMAT Section 1

With only a few days to go before the UMAT, candidates have entered a frenzied preparation stage so that the ultimate dream of cracking the UMAT turns into a reality. They want to make optimal use of the time they have left, and will do well to note some last minute tips to deal with UMAT section 1 of the question paper. The first section of the paper, dealing with Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving, is perhaps the most feared part of the paper.

The reason for this is generally a perceived difficulty in solving the kind of UMAT questions that constitutes this particular section. But you have to understand, before doing anything else, that unless you stop being afraid of the questions, you cannot solve them competently enough. The trick is to think patiently and then begin to analyse. The logical progression when handling a question in this section of the paper should be: read, think, analyse and solve. You should be able to apply your logical reasoning in the second and third stages  of this kind of problem-solving instead of beginning on the wrong foot and being scared of it at the first stage itself.

In addition to these four steps in problem solving, here’s another tip that might be very useful to you when you are answering a UMAT question paper. When you answer a question in the first section of the paper, read it very carefully because chances are, you will find a hint hidden somewhere in it and it will multiply your chances of getting the right answer faster.

Do not forget that the questions of section 1 are basically meant to test your ability to comprehend things. The questions will follow the information provided to you in a graphical illustration. Your answer should be strictly confined to the piece of information upon which the question has been based. Do not commit the mistake of assuming things. It is strictly logic that is required to solve questions like these. Remember no question is impossible to solve.