Taking the UMAT at a Later Date

You can never predict if you are going to be physically ok and in fact, in the best of health, on the day you take the UMAT. Keeping the unpredictability of human health and other factors in mind, the UMAT authorities have allowed the provision for the unfortunates to sit for the test at a later date. However, do keep in mind that all of the petitions will be looked into very carefully by the officials- for obvious reasons- and only the most genuine ones will be granted.

Do remember that the provision is only available for those candidates who are able to present before the officials some kind of ‘demonstrable illness’, as stated in the UMAT official website, and not for some minor illness that, although slightly hazardous, will not seriously jeopardize a candidate’s chances of appearing and taking the test.

If you have fallen seriously sick and will definitely not be able to sit for the test on the specified date, please notify the UMAT authorities as soon as possible. Notifications stating inability to appear for UMAT are accepted up to a week before the test, but the earlier you do it, the better. Provide adequate documentation authenticating your condition. Ensure that the medical certificate is detailed and that it has been procured from a certified doctor. The words ‘unspecified illness’ on the certificate will lead to a prompt cancellation of your request.

Notification of the problem through a phone conversation is not acceptable. It must be in writing; either in the form or an application letter via post or an email or fax at the most.

In case you have fallen sick on the day of the test and have not been able to appear, ACER must be notified within three working days from the day of the test. After that, no application for an alternative test date will be considered by the UMAT authorities. Along with the application, provide ACER with written evidence of the illness or whatever that prevented you from taking the test. A statutory statement outlining the reason for absence will be acceptable.

Considering the application for an alternative test date depends on the UMAT officials. Only the most deserving candidates will be allowed to take the test at a later date.

The alternative date will be fixed two weeks away from the day of the test. This is the only alternative date that will be provided and cannot be negotiated. Failure to appear for the test on this day too will reject your candidature.

May 29, 2017