Criteria of Universities that Accept UMAT Scores – Part One

UMAT is used (by participating universities in Australia) in the selection process of medicine and health science programmes for applicants who are Australian citizens/ permanent residents or New Zealand citizens. It may also be needed  for other categories of applicants.  UMAT ID number is of imperative as this must be quoted on all applications for university admission. In addition to the standard quota places, each of the participating universities in Australia offers a few seats in medicine made available by the Commonwealth through the Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship Scheme. Information may be obtained by contacting the Department of Health and Ageing: Freecall: 1800 248 720 Email: Internet:

Flinders University Clinical Sciences/Medicine, Vision Science  

UMAT scores can be used for admission to any of the UMAT Consortium universities in the immediate year following the test. To illustrate, results from UMAT2015 can be used for undergraduate medicine or health science courses beginning in 2016 but NOT 2017. Do not register for UMAT2015 unless you are want to apply for a course commencing in 2016.

A) New South Wales

i) University of New South Wales Medicine, Optometry 

Optometry : The University website states that nothing can be foretold about what the UMAT or ATAR score requirements would be, beforehand. But, from the past records it has been seen that an ATAR of 95.00 and Mid to high range UMAT scores will enable you to be consider prospective.

Medicine : Students for UNSW Medicine Degree  judged on the basis of:

  • Academic merit
  • Results of the UMAT
  • Performance at an interview

All these three elements have equal weightage. You need to achieve highest possible grades in each. The bar for entry is 96.00 , however the average score of the admitted students is always greater than 99.60. UMAT and the interview will require the topmost grades.

ii) The University of Newcastle/ University of New England Joint Medical Program

Applicants will need to attain  score of 50 in each UMAT sub-test.
This program necessitates that applicants  complete the MSA and online PQA at either the University of Newcastle or University of New England. All applicants from NSW, Queensland, ACT and rural applicants from other states who meet the required score in  UMAT (see above) will be summoned  to attend between 23 November and 4 December, 2015. MSA and PQA will be conducted between 28 and 29 January, 2016 solely for non-rural interstate applicants.Candidates must attain a specified level in their studies. Information regarding the specific requirements will be released in late May.

iii )University of Western Sydney Medicine 

MBBS applicants Must meet the following criteria to get selected:

  • Academic threshold
  • UMAT threshold
  • Interview performance.

 The UMAT requirements will change from year to year according to the performance of the applicants of that year. The school will disclose the UMAT cut-off.

B) Northern Territory

i) Charles Darwin University Clinical Sciences
Applicants have to complete (UMAT) and achieve an  (ATAR) of at least 90 to become competitive.  Northern Territory school students may receive up to 6 bonus points.


Bond University Medicine:

Undergraduate Applicants: Overall secondary (High School / Year 12) academic results and/or GPA from any incomplete tertiary studies.

– Undergraduate Applicant
– Graduate Applicant
– Minimum academic rank to be considered competitive for an interview
– OP 1-2 or ATAR 97+ IB Total 39+
– Cumulative GPA of greater than 6.00 on a 7.00 point scale from a recognised tertiary program

Subject Prerequisites:
– 4 semesters at Sound Achievement (or higher) of Queensland Year 12 (or equivalent):
– English and one of:
– Chemistry; or
– Maths B; or
– Physics
Though  UMAT is an eligibility criteria for all undergrad applicants, yet, the cut-off has not been mentioned.Short-listed applicants will be invited  to attend an interview in person at Bond University on the Gold Coast, where their general aptness to medicine and readiness to undertake a highly challenging course will be weighed in a structured multi mini interview (MMI).

The University of Queensland Medicine (provisional entry)
Queensland Year 12 English (or interstate equivalent)
OP 1 (or equivalent) or entry rank 99
competitive overall score in the  (UMAT).
Provisional entry for school leavers is applicable  for students completing Year 12 (or equivalent) at the time of application.
The only subject prerequisite needed to be eligible for admission to the MD (Provisional Entry for School Leavers) is  Queensland Year 12 English.

However, your first bachelor degree at UQ have some added prerequisites.

UMAT cut-off scores
Once all applicants have been assessed, applicants are lined up  by their UMAT aggregate score. The required UMAT score depends on the number of applicants for each intake and cannot be predicted in advance.

However, as a guide, below are the UMAT requirements of the most recent MBBS and MD intakes.

UQ program
Bonded (25 per cent quota)

For example: if a particular year’s requirement is  an overall UMAT score of 185 with a section 1 score of 73 it will be represented by a figure of 185:73. The UMAT Section 1 score is used as determining  factor for applicants who have the same UMAT score.

The University of Queensland  Dental science

Entry requirements for Australian students;

– OP/Entry Rank 2015
– 1/99
– QTAC Code(s)
– 712002 – B Dental Science (Hons)
Year 12 or equivalent English and Chemistry (Biological Sciences also recommended). Domestic applicants must have appeared for  UMAT; international applicants must appear for ISAT. The minimum entry requirement is rank 99/OP1, however  meeting  this minimum requirement does not  ensure a place. Entry is competitive and test cut-offs are used for sub-selection purposes. UMAT and ISAT cut-offs will change from year to year in accordance to  the standard of applicants.

Additional application information:
The Dental Board of Australia policy prevents dentists carrying the carriers blood-borne viruses from taking up  invasive procedures, the definition of which encompasses most aspects of clinical dentistry. Students are required to provide serological evidence of their status with respect to blood-borne transmissible viruses (Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV). Carriers of blood-borne transmissible viruses will are not allowed to be enrolled. Tuberculosis (TB) screening is also imperative in accordance with Queensland Health recommendations.
Students must have a current Blue Card (Working with Children Check).
Students must hold  a nationally accredited First Aid Certificate by first semester census date in year 1 and maintain qualification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in years 2, 3 and 4. First Aid recertification prior to the start of year 5 is also required.

C) South Australia

i.a)The University of Adelaide Medicine

Ranking Process  is based on merit
all applications will be  rated  for an offer based on a combination of scores from these three components; These components will be weighted as follows.

– UMAT Results: 20%
– Interview Results: 40%
– Academic Results: 40%

Academic Score (ATAR)
The eligibility criterion for entry into Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree at the University of Adelaide is 90 or above in ATAR, an International Baccalaureate score of 31 or above or the interstate/ overseas equivalent. Though the cut-off is 90 but the actual median ATAR score of the students is much higher because the competition is stiff.

Bonus Points
Bonus points for the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree are  open to the school-leaver applicants who attended a school classified as an equity school in the year they achieved their ATAR, hold a School Card and /or Health Care Card, or who get (or whose parents get) a Centrelink means-tested income support payment.

Please note: Subject bonus points are not accepted by the MBBS degree.  For additional information go to high-school/getting-in/bonus.Please go through Additional entry requirements section for details of other entry requirements to the MBBS program.

– SACE Stage 2: Biology or Chemistry or Mathematical Studies;
– IB: Biology (SL grade 4/HL grade 3) or Chemistry (SL grade 4/HL grade 3) or Mathematics (SL grade 4/HL grade 3);
– OR equivalent (i.e. 1st year Human Biology as part of the Bachelor of Health Sciences program).

The applicants must complete the prerequisite subjects or equivalent. Subject prerequisites hold good for all MBBS entry pathways.

Application process can be divided into two distinct parts.
1. UMAT: all applicants must apply to sit the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test (UMAT).
2. SATAC application to the MBBS program which must be lodged by 30 September 2015. Late applications to the MBBS program is not allowed.

Students need to have a clearance in the following areas to be considered eligible

– APHRA Student Registration
– Criminal History Clearances
– First Aid Certificate
– Immunisations
– Prescribed Communicable Infections (PCI) Screening
– Tuberculosis Screening

i.b)The University of Adelaide  Bachelor of Dental Surgery   

Year 12 applicants: 

To be eligible as a secondary school leaver, applicants should not have completed more than 2 years full-time (or part-time equivalent) university study (48 units) at an Australian or overseas institution.For further details of Tertiary Entrance Rules under the SACE/NTCE see the “Tertiary Entrance Booklet 2016, 2017, 2018” published by SATAC (available at their website: from July 2015 onwards).

Academic Score (ATAR)
To meet the  academic requirement for entry into the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program at the University of Adelaide, year 12 applicants (school leaver applicants) must attain an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) of 90 or above, an International Baccalaureate score of 31 or above or the interstate/ overseas equivalent.The  ATAR to be eligibility criterion for entry is 90 but a higher median score of ATAR has been noted amongst the selected students.

Bonus Points
School-leaver applicants  can get Bonus points for the Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree provided they attended a school categorized  as an equity school in the year they achieved their ATAR, hold a School Card and /or Health Care Card, or who get (or whose parents get) a Centrelink means-tested income support payment. For more information go to high-school/getting-in/bonus.Please see Additional entry requirements section for details of other entry requirements to the BDS program.

– SACE Stage 2: two Science subjects: one chosen from Chemistry, Mathematical Studies, Specialist Mathematics, Physics; and one chosen from Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Physics;
– IB: two Science subjects (one of Chemistry, Mathematics (SL or HL) or Physics AND one of Biology, Chemistry or Physics);
– Equivalent University courses (i.e. 1st year Human Biology as part of the Bachelor of Health Sciences program).

Successful completion of the prerequisite subjects or equivalent is required. Subject prerequisites hold good all BDS entry pathways.

i.c)Flinders University Clinical Sciences/Medicine 

Entry requirements:
This pathway to Medicine is available to school leavers who have completed Year 12 (or equivalent) and who do not posses  an academic record of study at higher education level.
Domestic students: Applicants must complete the Undergraduate Medicine Admissions Test (UMAT) and final ranking for place offer is settled through combining scores for the test and Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (or equivalent).Flinders also  provides a range of special access schemes.

International students: Applicants must appear for the International Student Admissions Test (ISAT) and attain  minimum secondary school results set by the Admissions Committee for the Doctor of Medicine and the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences / Doctor of Medicine. Final ranking is arrived at  by combining secondary school results, ISAT test results and an interview score.

Entry and English requirements
Additional requirements: Domestic applicants will need to have an ATAR of 95 or above (after the addition of any relevant bonus points for special access schemes) to be eligible for a double degree place. Ranking for offers of places to domestic students will be based on an entry score combining ATAR (90%)  and a UMAT-derived score (10%) which will be based mainly on sections 1 and 2 of the test.
International applicants meeting specified minimum scores will be ranked by their ISAT test score for a prospective  offer. Interview offer will be based on ranking. After interviews, place offers will be made by combining secondary school results, ISAT test results and an interview score.
Applications and annual fees
Domestic students
SATAC code:
Mid year entry:
SATAC Uniweb*
Annual fees:
Place type: Commonwealth-supported
2015: $8,209
International students
CRICOS code:
Mid year entry:
School of Medicine
Annual fees:
2015: $26,100
Doctor of Medicine: $56,400

* Additional application prerequisites for domestic students:
1. Registration to sit the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT). Registrations open in April each year.
2. Application to SATAC. Students studying year 12 will be asked to enter their UMAT identification number when they lodge their application on SATAC’s UniWeb.
Criminal Background Check
All Health Professional students at Flinders who enroll in courses which have a clinical or placement component which may require contact with children, young people and vulnerable adults must undergo a Criminal History Screening Check prior to undergoing any placement. This requirement will apply to students in the Year 12 pathway when they start the BMBS component of the course.

i.d)Flinders University Clinical  Vision Science 

Entry requirements
There are a number of ways to you can gain entry into an undergraduate degree whether you’re still at high school, or a non-school leaver:
– Year 12 qualifications
– Foundation studies
– Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)
– TAFE/VET qualifications
– Higher education transfers.
In addition there are bonus points and guaranteed entry and special entry schemes .
Admission to all courses is restricted by quota and is normally based on academic merit as determined by assessment of an applicant’s qualifications.Where students have completed SACE, the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is usually  used.

Year 12 entry
The bulk of Year 12 applicants enter University via the traditional, competitive entry method, where offers are made to eligible applicants with the highest Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) until all places in the course are filled. See how the ATAR is worked out.
View the ATAR cut-off ranks for Flinders University.
Year 12 qualifications for entry into university encompass:
South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)
interstate equivalents
International Baccalaureate.
Guaranteed entry
Achieve an ATAR rank equal or above the published guaranteed entry ATAR score and you will be assured a place at Flinders.
When applying, make sure you select Flinders courses first in your preferences and you will be offered a place in the highest Flinders course preference that you qualify for.
Bonus points
Bonus points contribute towards your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) when applying for Flinders University courses. Different bonus points are awarded determined by your experience and background.
Flinders offers a variety of bonus point access schemes.
Special access entry schemes
If you’re in Year 12, uniTEST is available to augment your chances of getting into Flinders. We will select students based on Year 12 results (60% weighting toward the ATAR score) and uniTEST performance (40%). But if you take the test and don’t perform well , then the results don’t have to be counted.
More information about uniTEST.
Principals’ Recommendation Program
Flinders University understands that your performance in Year 12 may not always be a true predictor of an ability to succeed at University. Therefore we will take into account your school’s recommendation of your academic performance and potential for university study for admission to selected Flinders courses.
More information about the Principals’ Recommendation Program.
Indigenous Admissions Scheme
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders completing Year 12, or non-school leavers are eligible to apply for Flinders via the Indigenous Admissions Scheme.
More information about who is eligible and how to apply for the Indigenous Admissions Scheme.
Pathway entry
Flinderslink is another choice for you to eventually get into the course of your choice if you’re not offered your first preference.
Internal transfer
Once you’re at Flinders you can apply for an internal transfer to another course.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)
Adult entry to university via the STAT is there for you if you:
are finding it difficult to start with a satisfying career without university study
completed Year 12 but not at a high enough standard for admission to the course of your desire
already have a  established  career, perhaps having studied at apprenticeship level or having pursued a TAFE/VET vocational course.
Are you eligible?
To be eligible to compete in the special entry subquota using the STAT:
you must be of  18 or over before 1 February for Semester 1 entry or 1 July for Semester 2 entry, and
if you have studied at higher education level in the last two years you must not have gathered  more than the equivalent of a total of two full-time years of higher education study or
if you have studied at higher education level and you have gathered more than the equivalent of a total of two full-time years of higher education study, at least two full academic years must have passed since your last enrolment in higher education study.
AFE/VET to uni

* Course information has further information for individual Flinders University course prerequisites
† Credit amounts vary. See below for information about credit.
Many students elect to come to  university after completing a TAFE/VET qualification. Flinders sets apart places in most of its degree courses for TAFE/VET graduates. Even if you did not finish high school (Year 12) your TAFE/VET qualification may qualify  you to enter university.
Are you eligible?
If you’ve completed a TAFE/VET certificate 3 or higher, you’re allowed to apply for undergraduate courses at Flinders.
Your study at TAFE/VET does not require to be related to your selected area of study at university. However, you will be ranked on the level of your TAFE/VET qualification – the greater your qualification, the more competitive you will be in obtaining admission to Flinders, and the course of your choice.
TAFElink – guaranteed entry
TAFElink is a sure-shot entry pathway if you’ve completed a TAFE/VET Certificate 4 or higher level qualification (provided you meet the course prerequisite requirements).
See more about TAFElink and which courses have guaranteed entry.
Dual offers
You are able to apply for a TAFE SA Diploma or Advanced Diploma that is linked to a Flinders degree. You will get an offer to both TAFE SA and Flinders University, with the Flinders offer being dependent on successful completion of the TAFE SA qualification.
More information about dual offers between TAFE SA and Flinders.
Dual awards with TAFE SA and Flinders
We offer a number of degrees in partnership with TAFE SA. These are designed with a Diploma or Advanced Diploma fully integrated into the Flinders degree.
See how it works, what the benefits are and what’s available to study.
If you’re accepted into a course related to your TAFE/VET course, you may be qualified for receiving credit for your previous study. Credit means that the University  may consider your previous studies and you won’t have to complete similar subjects at a university level. This means you will spend less time finishing your degree and pay less fees.
See if you’re eligible to receive credit for previous study.

TAFESA RTO Code: 41026
Higher education transfer

Eligibility for higher education transfer
If you’ve done one semester but no more than two years of equivalent full-time study at higher education level you will be judged on the basis of either your grade point average on those studies or any other qualification which meets the university’s admission criterion, such as your year 12 ATAR.
If you’ve done less than one semester of equivalent full-time study you will not be judged on the basis of your grade point average, but will be considered on the basis of any other qualification which meets the university’s admission requirement.
If you’ve done a total of more than two years of equivalent full-time higher education study you will only be judged on the basis of your grade point average in those studies.
If you’ve been precluded from a course at Flinders University or another university  you will not normally be eligible for admission into a course in the same discipline area.
Flinderslink – guaranteed entry pathway for Flinders students
Flinderslink is a assured entry pathway program for Flinders students who wish to change their course.
More information about Flinderslink – guaranteed entry for Flinders students.
How to apply:
Current Flinders students can apply to transfer to other eligible Flinders courses via internal transfer.
Applicants who are not current Flinders students who want  to apply for a Flinders course or current Flinders students who wish to apply for a Flinders course not available through internal transfer need to put in  their application via SATAC.
If you are accepted into a Flinders course and you have previous study in a related area you may be eligible for credit. Credit means that we may recognize your previous studies and you would not  have to complete ‘like’ subjects at a university level.
This translates into your spending  less time finishing your degree and pay less HECS.
Credit transfer at Flinders.