UMAT Regulations: Make Sure You Are Not Indulging In Any Unethical Behaviour


Now that the UMAT is less than a month away, preparations must be in full swing.

Besides worrying about the day of the test that just seems to get closer every day, you should also have your mind on something else.

Once you have begun taking the test, make sure that you are not indulging in any unethical behaviour. And please do not take offence at this warning; a close look at the regulations that every candidate is required to follow in the UMAT test room will reveal how easy it is to fall prey to violation, albeit unknowingly.

    1. You, not only, cannot take anything from outside, barring yourself, from into the test room, but you also cannot carry anything from the room outside with you, no matter how innocuous it may look. It will immediately be confiscated even if it is something as inconsequential as a blank sheet of paper.
    2. You must not pass anything to a fellow examinee while in the UMAT test centre. While passing a sheet of paper which happens to have answers written on it will certainly attract a lot of attention, handing across something like a calculator or an mp3 player will guarantee no less a complication.
    3. You simply must follow the instructions of the examiner to the letter. Even if you have completed the test way before the stipulated time check your answers over and over again in that extra time you saved.
    4. Put down your pencils as soon as the instructor announces the end of the exam. In the UMAT, there is no last minute writing and squeezing in a few more points before the examiner snatches the paper away from you; you might be allowed to write down what you want to, but at the cost of a severe penalty.
    5. Do NOT attempt to register for the exam if you haven’t yet reached the final year of your schooling. This step will be considered unethical behaviour even before you get to reach the test center.
    6. Be as quiet as a mouse while you are in the test room. Speak only to the examiner if you require any assistance. Communication with a fellow candidate will get both of you in a whole lot of trouble. Make sure that you are not doing anything in the test room that might be disturbing any of the fellow candidates.


Failure to adhere to the regulations of the UMAT will attract severe penalties. Depending on the degree of your crime, you might be asked to leave the test room, have your scores cancelled and even be barred from taking the exam at a future date.

May 29, 2017